I'm Gonna Buy Them :)

Perşembe, Kasım 03, 2011

Well i was thinking what should i wear for this winter and also for national holiday. And Then i found what im looking for :) They are some pieces from H&M, Zara, Pull n Bear and River Island.

Let's Have a Look!

First pic is a Knitwear from Zara :)
the second onFe is Bfag from Zara too

I like that golden brown color, and i think they are very good couple with black..

Zara Knitwear 79.95 TL

Zara79.95 TL

the second one is Bag from Zara too

I simplely like it. You can use it with everything ofcourse with more browns.

Zara Bag 119.95 TL

Zara 119.95 TL

The Third pic is Jacket from H&M 

I love colour and model of this. But unfortunately there is no more of this in H&M Turkey Stores :(

H&M Jacket 169 TL

H&M 169 TL

The Fourth are Knitwears from River Island

They are all stars from 32 euro at Riverisland.com

The Fifth are Boots from H&M

They are in sale at shop online of UK

Boots £14.99 

We hope, they will be at sale in Turkey as soon as possible :)))

Finally! what i bought last time?

Knitwear is from Pull and Bear 59.95 TL

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