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Pazartesi, Ekim 21, 2013

Then now i will post my English Version of Benetton Turkey Blogs Post here too :) You can check the Turkish version on the Benetton Blog's wep pages as well :) Enjoy it.

Bundan sonra Benetton Blog için yazdığım yazıların ingilizcesini blogumda da paylaşacağım. Yazıların orjinal Türkçe versiyonunu Benetton Blog'da bulabilirsiniz :) Keyifli okumalar.

             Hello Benetton’s Followers,
       I’m Göze Şener , Blogger of His Wardrobe. Hereafter; we will journey together with Selin Çetinkaya to the Colourfull Fashion world of Benneton. In this new journey there will be more fashion, music, life-trend setter stories... I hope that you will join us, and stay in touch and follow our blog. If you are ready, prepare your coffee and take a sit because my first post is about to start. In my first post i will introduce myself.

                     Who is Göze?
         Since three years I’ve been writing a fashion blog named His Wardrobe. HW includes soo many topics like fashion and lifesetter.  I’m a senior in Bussiness Manegement faculty in Istanbul University. So far I have written blogs for many brands and managed their social media accounts.

                  What is Göze wear?
        I think Fashion is wearing what you think you look best in. Everybody has a unique style. We should ask ourselfes “Do i really want  to wear it?’’ Like this way we can draw our fashion style.
         Because of that, my clothes and styles are going to change depending on my moods, to where i go, or to which activities that i going to participate. Generally I like to add some different touchs to Man Fashion. I like to combine avantgarde clothes  with sporty and vintage pieces. Far from this  i also like to combine a basic white t-shirt with ink-blue slimfit jeans and classic brown suede shoes. I can basically say that i admire the elegance of simplicity. I prefer colourfull clothes in winter rather then dressing darker colours which creates a darker ambiance. And for the summer  i prefer grey and beige shades rather then popular summer colours.

                 What does Göze Listen?
         As a fashion blogger, i LOVE music.  I have a huge playlist archive. I don’t judge music by genre i like every kind of music ... But mostly i listen British Pop, Oldies and Lounge Music.
                 What does Göze eat?
          The cuisine that i like most is the Italian Cuisine J why? Cuz the Italian Cuisine describes my ideal plate of pleasure. Of course i like Turkish Cuisine too. Especially the Iskender Kebab is one of my favorites. Tiramissu, Lassagne, Penne arabiatta and tagliente is my Top 4 In the Italian Cuisine.

      My next post will be about‘’Benetton and Autumn’’.  See you soon!

With love,
Göze Şener.

For the orginal and Turkish version of my post please check to Benetton Blog :)
Orjinal Türkçe versiyonu için lütfen Benetton Blog'a göz atın :)

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