Autumun and the Benetton

Perşembe, Ekim 31, 2013

We can understand that the Autumun has arrived from the bohemian mood of people, wither upped yellow leaves of plan-trees, coyness of the sun, blue sky and white clouds giving their place to the grey clouds, and short raining sessions. 

  While the impact of summer is decreasing thoroughly from us these days, the weather got cooler all of the sudden. So what is both fashionable and protecion against the cold? What colors are trendy in this fall?
  Guys, this post is for you! In these days of autumn and the cold weather making its weight felt , it is quite important to keep ourselves warm. To do it, one can wear thin sweaters into the trench coats or mercerized cardigans. We wrap up our necks with shawls and thus, get protected from the cold as well as reinforcing our stile. Because if you're like me, it is impossible not to get sick.

  When it comes to autumun, it reminds us  yellow, brown, orange, dark green and red colors. Of course when we talk about all these colors, they can remind us United Colors of the Benetton. Yesterday evening I was out for a cup of coffee, then I went to Nişantaşı store of Benetton. This fall, I chose the missing pieces in my closet, one by one to dress up. Benetton autumn - winter collection is so extensive and colorful that i had hard times making a choice.


   During the three weeks I will share with you the products that I have chosen. So every week I'll be in the Benetton Blog with Autumun LOOK of the Benetton. First, I wanted to start with this Look.

Photography: Gözde Usta
Styling: Göze Şener & Gözde Usta
Model: Göze Şener

For the Turkish version you can check here:

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