Ece Gözen for the Mercedes Benz Istanbul Fashion Week Day #1

Perşembe, Ekim 10, 2013

       Ece Gözen was my firt show at Istanbul Fashion Week. As so many supporter told me, she ’s one of the newest rising star of Istanbul’s fashion scene. The first looks were whites, than she turned on the ying-yang effect in an assimetrical way,with the contrasting lights and darks. She used the shapes of the 90’s mixed with a bit of ghetto mood which is really in trend now. Ece presented something very fresh with her rainbow fuel digital prints,and also some printed net details wich looks familiar from sportswer design aswell. Her looks were hit the runway not only because of the music . She spiced up the fabrics with some swarowski crystal embroidery, it made a great contrast with the patterns . Stretchy dresses , crop tops , high lighted shoulders are the most noticable elements of Ece’s design.


Best piece: Printed pencil skirt,with an assimetrical chrystalised detail. Every age of women can wear it ,very simple and variable but extreamly eye catching !


Writer guest editor: Gergo Erdei
Photos: Vouge Turkey

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