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Salı, Kasım 12, 2013

Hello Dear Followers of the Benetton Blog,

   As i told you at my before post that Istanbul Fashion Week is going very buisy for us. Because of the Istanbul fashion week there is too many turkish designers, showing their summer – spring collection at the Ortaköy Kuruçeşme Arena. As i said that we are working but not the real one i mean we are just such a volunteer there and following fashion news for you. Now let’s share a details of these first   and secon days of the Istanbul Fashion Week.


  As you know we follow the Istanbul Fashion Week with Selin. And for you we are going to share at Benetton Blog that what those people wear, which style they have. And also i will tell you about how is the atmospher there and how is going our days. If you want to get more information about designs you can check and have a look at my blog as well.

   At the Istanbul Fashion Week there was a must that the Street Fashion. All participants, designers and bloggers were thinking about what we should wear. Because even this is the Designer’s show but the most people would like to show their self. For example that look of me I wore it at the second day, i have been posted and shoot by many magazines.

   All participants were wearing dark green, black and grey because that we are in the autumn. Accessories was the first thing that they shows their styles. As a bags, socks, big necklaces and of course hats.

   Istanbul fashion week will continue untill this friday.We are going to follow you untill the end. You can check next post for the other days as well.

Have Fashionable Days!
Loves from Istanbul Fashion Weeks.
Göze Şener
His Wardrobe

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